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POSSESSION | Post Possession FAQs

Q1. What is the purpose of these FAQ’s on website?

A: The purpose is to familiarize all property holders and their families to the guidelines and the facilities available in Vatika India Next (VIN) and the expected “Do's and Don'ts” to be followed.

Q2. What are the arrangements on site with reference to services and facilities?

A: We have set up an onsite Estate Management Office (EMO) to cater to your needs and requirements.

Q3. How will Estates Management services be provided? What is the scope of their services?

A: The scope of the EMO is as follows:
(a) Maintenance of common areas such as:

  • Lighting of streets and parks
  • Landscaping
  • Janitorial services
  • Sweeping of roads and sidewalks
  • Garbage Disposal
  • General watch and ward of the colony

(b) Upkeep / provision of common services such as:

  • Electrical system
  • Water and plumbing lines
  • Sewage system

(c) In addition to the above mentioned scope of EMO, Enviro also offers additional paid services (electromechanical, housekeeping and horticulture) to the clients at nominal charges for maintenance and upkeep of property already taken over. Details of the bouquet of services will be intimated along with rate cards at the time of possession.

Q4. How can the Estate Manager be contacted for day-to-day complaints/queries or seeking assistance?

A: Detailed list of all concerned team members from Enviro and emergency contact details are available at “Know Your Facility Team” tab for your reference.

Q5. In the event of redressal issues or in case you feel that your queries are not being responded to or complaints are not being addressed, whom should you escalate the matters to?

A: Please find enclosed the escalation matrix to be followed in case if your complaints are not responded to:
Estate Manager - 9560071556
AGM -Enviro - 9968831061
GM Enviro, Gurgaon - 9958991545
Executive Director Enviro  - 9958866662
Email Address

Q6. What are the Maintenance charges of my property?

A:  The maintenance charges shall be payable by the residents on per sq. ft. super area basis on the rates periodically determined by Enviro. The charges for any exclusive maintenance services, as may be specially required and provided to the resident, shall be billed and payable by that user alone. The maintenance charges are subject to revision from time to time and in the absolute discretion of Enviro.

Q7. How and where do we pay the Maintenance Charges and Utility bills i.e. for water and electricity?

A: Prepaid meters for Maintenance and electricity charges have been installed in each property. These are smart meters which also deduct maintenance charges/ other fixed charges. These meters must be charged for ensuring uninterrupted electricity supply. The residents are requested to pay their maintenance charges in advance and the electricity meters will be programmed accordingly. The maintenance charges will be deducted on daily basis from the balance existing in the electricity meter. For further details of the re-charging procedure, residents are requested to contact EMO.