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To ensure a convenient and comfortable living at Vatika India Next, the residents are provided with the best of services and facilities, Vatika Limited (VL) has appointed Enviro (Facilities management by Vatika) to manage operations and maintenance of various facilities and services. These services will be manned round the clock by a team of professionally trained operators/technicians headed by an Estate Manager. 

An Estate Management Office (EMO) has been established for maintenance of various facilities & services within the complex. The EMO will be headed by an Estate Manager (EM), who can be contacted during the working hours at the Estate Office (all working days). The EM will be supported by a team of fully trained technicians with complete administrative support within the complex. The EMO would be functional 24 X 7 including Sundays and public holidays.

A detailed list of all concerned team members from Enviro and emergency contact details are available in “Know your Facility Team” tab for your reference. The EMO would maintain & operate the following services & utilities:

Operations & Maintenance of common areas including preventive maintenance of its equipment and utilities
Client/ Resident/ Apartment holder Relationship
General Colony Administration
General Watch and Ward of the Colony

Client Service Cell    
To improve complaint management and ensure quick response, a Client Service Cell has been set up which will receive complaints/service requests, ensure speedy action and give timely feedback on the progress achieved. The Cell is operational from 8.00 AM to 7.00 PM. Complaints/service requests may be telephonically registered with the Cell. The registered complain number will be automatically sent by SMS to your mobile, which would be the reference number for any feedback. The Client Service Cell will coordinate the work and update the client. Contact details of the Client Service Cell are in the –“Know Your Facility Team”

Responsibility of maintaining / repairing the following items that do not form part of common area services and / or located inside the premises shall solely be vested with the owner
Floor surface, walls and ceilings (includes settlement cracks)
All appliances
All plumbing fixtures, water and drain connections located within the apartment.
All electrical services located within the interior partitions
All telephone and television cables within the units
Bathroom and kitchen exhaust grills
All hardware, including entrance door hardware
Wooden floors & carpeting
All the occupants are requested to take necessary precautions like installation of stabilizers, security arrangement for their assets, provision of treated drinking water, requisite fire hazard equipment installation, insurance etc. to safeguard their interests. Vatika Limited will not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred by the occupants during their stay in the premises.

Emergency Repairs: Role of the maintenance staff is limited to the common area only. But residents are expected to report emergencies, such as electricity tripping, water leakage or fire, which can damage their or neighboring unit. Maintenance agency will take immediate corrective action to tackle the emergency. Since this function is not covered in the EMO duties, the owners are required to subsequently call for licensed plumbers/electricians to complete the task at their own expense.
An emergency mobile number has been nominated to receive such emergency calls. Details for the same are in the “Contact Sheet” enclosed with this booklet.
In addition to the above mentioned scope of EMO, Enviro also offers additional paid services (electromechanical, housekeeping and horticulture) to the clients at nominal charges for maintenance and upkeep of apartments already taken over. Details of the bouquet of services will be intimated along with rate cards at the time of possession.

Common Areas - Roads, Gardens, Green areas and parking areas.
Common Services - Utilities such as electricity and water, security and janitorial services
Apartment - Flat/Unit/Property allotted to the owner
Estate Management Office (EMO) - Maintenance Office located on site.
Bye Laws - Rules formulated to regulate the day-to-day functioning of Independent Floors
Promoter / VL – Vatika Ltd