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Water - The Promoter/ VL shall make necessary arrangements for supplying water to the apartments for domestic consumption from its own resources until alternative supply of water from Municipal sources is made available. Borewell water will be available 24x7 in the complex. Delivery of water to the apartment will be the responsibility of the Estate Management Office.  Necessary pump houses and storage tanks are being constructed and trained manpower will be available to ensure availability of water round the clock. The terms and conditions of such water supply shall be decided by VL/ Promoter from time to time. Water charges will be part of the Maintenance charges. These charges have to be paid by the residents along with the electricity charges to recharge their prepaid meters. The maintenance charges will be deducted from the balance in the smart meter on daily basis while the electricity charges will be deducted on actual consumption.

Electricity - Electricity has been provided to all the units in the complex. Owner(s) shall plan and distribute its electrical load in conformity with electrical system installed by the developer and the total load sanctioned. The cost of providing electricity to the individual unit shall be metered according to the prevalent tariffs which are intimated from time to time. Prepaid meters are installed for each apartment and the residents are requested to ensure that their meters are adequately charged to enjoy uninterrupted electricity service.

Communication- Voice and broadband communication facility will be available for all residents of the complex. Please get in touch with EMO for your requirements.

Cable TV - Please get in touch with EMO for a list of service providers and their contact numbers.

Mail Service - Postal service is available at VIN through a branch operating from the Government Post office nearby.

Parking Facility - EMO will issue parking stickers to all residents to ensure security of the complex and to ward-off entry of outside vehicles. No car will be allowed to enter the complex unless the vehicle bears the parking sticker displayed prominently on the front windshield.

  • Parking is permitted only in the car park slots 
  • Please do not leave your valuables in vehicles
  • Do not leave your vehicles unlocked. Install anti-theft alarm system for your vehicles
  • Parking is strictly at owners’ risk. Guests’ vehicles will not be allowed to park inside the complex. Please ask your guests to park outside the complex

Housekeeping Services - The maintenance agency will ensure that the streets and roads are cleaned regularly. Common areas up to the gate of the units will be cleaned. Residents are requested to make their own arrangements for the cleaning of the staircases/windows/doors/balconies etc. that form part of the apartment.

Garbage Disposal - Garbage bins have been provided at designated locations in order to keep external areas clean. These bins are not supposed to be used for household garbage.

Domestic Garbage – The housekeeping staff will collect garbage from individual apartment blocks between 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. each day. Please ensure that no garbage is deposited in the bins/corridors during the day so as to avoid any foul smell in your lobby. No construction waste should be deposited in the garbage bins & the occupants shall make their own arrangements for disposal of construction waste. Sanitary napkins should not be flushed. Please put them in a cover and then dispose.


The process for garbage disposal is as follows:

  • Deposit your garbage outside your front door by 9:00 a.m.
  • The garbage should be in  garbage bags secured by a knot to avoid spillage

Security - The security of the complex includes manned security posts and patrolling security personnel.
The entry points are manned by well trained and efficient security team and a mobile security personnel patrol the complex.

  • Entry of vehicles in the complex – Vehicles bearing the VIN parking stickers would be permitted to enter the complex. Please get in touch with the EMO for car parking sticker(s)
  • Guest's vehicles - Please request your guests to park their vehicles outside the gate
  • Movement of material – Material is not permitted to be taken out of the premises unless accompanied by a written authorization from the owner/occupant
  • Entry of guests – All guests would be required to identify themselves to the security personnel at the main gate. Guests will be required to sign in the visitor's register

Entry of delivery/courier/mail personnel – The security team will screen the delivery personnel by checking their ID cards and get them to sign in the gate register before permitting entry into the complex. Gate passes are issued, post which they are permitted into the premises under the vigilance of security through walkie talkies.
Photo ID Cards for domestic staff - EMO will issue photo identification cards to all the domestic servants of the residents after they provide an application form duly filled by the sponsoring resident along with police verification and a nominal charge of Rs 50 per card. It is the responsibility of the residents to ensure that their domestic servants possess valid identification papers.

Recreation - The Vatika India Next Club will be made available. Please get in touch with the EMO for availing club facilities.