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Fire Prevention

Causes of fire are directly related to improper use of smoking material and matches, improper storage of flammable liquids, defective electrical appliances, overloading electrical outlets and poor housekeeping in storage areas. You should keep the above factors in mind and adhere to all fire and safety regulations. The buildings in your complex are concrete structures and the partitioning between units and hallways is of masonry. The floors and ceilings are pure concrete. These types of construction provide us with an excellent fire rating and explain why fire is more likely to occur within units than in other areas.

    Emergency Procedures
  • As soon as you smell smoke, call security. Do not panic and identify your floor and flat numbers clearly.
  • As long as occupants leave their units quickly and shut the unit door, fire damage will be limited to the unit. Injury or loss of life can occur when the occupant does not exit the unit quickly. In fire situations, smoke will enter public areas and move upward through the building. Depending on which floor the fire is, you can move downwards from the staircase. Depending on the circumstances, occupants can rush to the roof of the building.
  • In case of fire, the gas lines in each unit may be an explosion hazard, therefore, if you smell gas, do not light a match or smoke a cigarette.
  • Call the Fire Department immediately.
    Self-Protection - Listed below are some basic rules of self-protection:
  • Immediately report any suspicious activities near your flat, lobby or fire exit area.
  • Never give your phone number or address to an unknown caller. If the caller gets offensive, hang up. If the caller is persistent, report to the police.
  • Have police verification done for all your domestic servants, drivers etc., forms are available with the Estate Manager’s office.
  • If planning to stay away for an extended period, remember to stop the delivery of newspapers, milk etc.
  • When going out you may consider leaving a light on.
  • Be sure you have a fire & theft insurance.
  • Allow the courier boys, home delivery boys inside the house after proper verification only.