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POSSESSION | Fit Out/Interior Work Guidelines


 We stipulate that before the start of any interior work in the apartment, the owner formally notifies the EMO. Rules & regulations governing the fit outs at INXT are given below. In order to maintain the harmony of the complex and to avoid accidents, we request that all the fit outs are carried out in close coordination with the EMO. Detailed instructions for Interior work Fit –Out are given in Annexure 3(a). 

  • Registration of Contractors

  • Owner shall submit a Contractor(s) Registration form before scheduling work at VIN. All forms are available at the EMO office.
  • A refundable security deposit from the owner would be required as given in the detailed instruction.
  • General Instructions for Fit-Out
  • Prior to the commencement of any fit out works, it is mandatory to get approval from the Estate Manager to avoid any inconvenience to the other occupants.
  • Drawings for interior works/Fit outs are to be submitted for approval in the Facility Office. Fit outs/interiors should be planned in such a way, that it doesn’t hinder the access to facilities of common usage/services i.e. to any plumbing /sewage / drainage/ pipeline.
  • To carry out any interior work/changes, no structure viz. Beam/Column are supposed to be tampered.
  • Façade color scheme cannot be altered / changed and no fit out in the façade area is allowed.  The walls outside the apartment, balconies and all external areas should be painted with the same approved existing colors.
  • Vatika Limited shall not be held responsible for any faults occurring in the property as a result of constructional changes.
  • If any seepage / leakage is reported / caused (for instance by faulty waterproofing of toilets floors before laying bathroom tiles) in common areas or affected apartments due to some work undertaken, this has to be rectified by the owner/ apartment occupant.
  • All apartments have been given the provision for installation of Window type air conditioners only. To maintain elevation of the complex as a whole, Air conditioners shall be installed by the owner(s) at places earmarked or approved by the developer/ VL and nowhere else. In case of split ACs, prior approval is required from VL for installation.
  • Disposal of construction scrap/waste material - Construction waste should not be stored and should be removed immediately from the complex in plastic bags. No damage should be done to any common area. No construction material shall be left in the common area.
  • Contractor workers are not allowed to stay overnight or to carry out any cooking in the apartment/ common areas of Vatika India Next.
  • Timing of work – Work can be done between 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. However work causing noise and disturbance to other occupants (e.g. Drilling, hammering or polishing) should not be done between 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM.
  • No Construction work is permitted on Sundays and National Holidays.
  • Construction and interior work causing noise is not permitted.