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POSSESSION | Do's and Don'ts

OTHER GROUND RULES (Do's and Don'ts)

The EMO has notified the following guidelines with respect to the usage and occupation of the apartments by its Apartment holders(s)/ Residents/ Tenants, their domestic staff and visitors of the units in Vatika India Next. These guidelines shall be obeyed and abided by all the Apartment holders in the VIN.

  • Abide fully and constructively by any directive circulated/ notified by the EMO for safety and security of the premise, welfare of the residents, fire fighting drills, revision of maintenance and other charges.
  • Apartment Holder(s) shall obtain NOC from Vatika Limited in case he/ she/ they wish to sell, transfer or otherwise dispose of the said Apartment at any time in future to any third party and in case there remains any arrears due and payable to the EMO or any account what so ever, then in that event EMO may refuse to issue such a No Objection Certificate.
  • Residents shall keep enviro informed, in case they wish to rent out the said flat any time to any third party and shall before such renting of the said FLAT provide information of the Proposed tenant along with lease agreement etc. as given in Annexure 5. The tenant will be required to fill –up the Moving-In information and obtain a NOC from the EMO as per Annexure 2. In case there remain any arrears due and payable on any account what so ever, the Maintenance Agency may refuse such No Objection Certificates. The Owners will be primary responsible for payment of maintenance charges and other charges due to the tenants.
  • Ensure timely payment of all membership fees, charges and other levies, as may be advised by the EMO/ Associate/ Maintenance Agency.
  • Pay the maintenance charges in full, without any deductions whatsoever to the EMO, at the rate fixed from time to time, on or before the due date as may be specified in the same and shall not make any default in the payment of the same.
  • Keep, at all times, the Apartment/ Unit clean and in good condition.
  • Make all endeavors to attend the meeting of the Association as and when called by the Association and give suggestions, if any.
  • Residents shall plan and distribute the apartment electrical load in conformity with electrical system installed by the DEVELOPER and the total load sanctioned.

  • Abide by fully and constructively any directive circulated/notified by Maintenance Agency for safety and security of the premises, welfare of the residents, Fire fighting drills, Revision of maintenance and other charges.

    Residents are requested to read and fully understand the provisions of The Haryana Apartment Ownership Act 1983 and other related statutory laws and observe/comply with them.

    The apartment holder(s)/ occupant shall not:
  • Throw rubbish, rags, junk, cigarette stubs or the same, in the common areas or compound of any building in the aforesaid complex.
  • Put any signboards, publicity or advertisement material outside the apartment /unit exposed to the public view or anywhere in the common area without prior permission from the Estate Management Office in writing. 
  • Use the common areas in such a manner that it causes inconvenience/hindrance to other residents.
  • Do any act or deed which causes hindrance in carrying out the work by the employees of the EMO.
  • Carry on any activity in any part of the aforesaid Apartment which is forbidden by any law, statute or legislation, etc. dangerous for the said Apartment, or in any way violates the house rules or conveys annoying, unhealthy, dangerous or forbidden activities.
  • Do not store any hazardous goods/ material which in view of Maintenance agency is/ are unsafe or harmful for the aforesaid complex or the owner (s) / occupants/ members living therein.
  • Use the Apartment for any purpose other than specified in the Agreement of the aforesaid Apartment.
  • Allow any other person to use and occupy the Apartment, without intimation to EMO/ Developer.
  • Permit his employees whether temporary or permanent to use any common areas and spaces.
  • Do not use tools/equipments/machinery which may adversely effect the electrical/ sanitary/ water supply/ safety systems of the building.
  • Do not install air conditioners/coolers or any such equipment, at any place other than the spaces provided in the Flat/Apartment/Unit design.  Please ensure that no water drips from any cooler/air conditioner; or open them into the common passage/areas.
  • Do not install any additional plumbing or fire equipment other than that provided in the Flat /Apartment /Unit. However, in case there is a requirement for any additional equipment, prior permission from the Estate Management Office should be obtained.
  • Do not change the color scheme of the outer walls or the exterior side of the doors and windows etc.
  • Do not paint, drive nails or screws into the structure that forms part of the common areas.
  • Do not hang garments, rugs, etc. from the windows, balconies etc.
  • Do not install any equipment (s) /gadget (s) which will have any effect on the permitted electricity load.
  • Do not make any alterations in the electrical or sanitary /plumbing infrastructure provided by the Developer; without a written consent of Maintenance Agency.

The above rules shall, without any notice, be subject to modification and amendment as may be notified by the EMO/ Association/ Maintenance Agency from time to time. Any decision of the said EMO/ Association/ Maintenance Agency in this regard shall be final and binding on the members/ apartment holder(s).

Please note that in case of any violation of above rules, the said EMO/ Association/ Maintenance Agency may intimate to immediately stop carrying out forbidden activities. If the person responsible continues to carry out forbidden activities, the said EMO/ Association/ Maintenance Agency will take appropriate action as provided by the law.

Damage Caused by Malfunction of Common Element Systems
The EMO's responsibility for repairs resulting from such damage is limited to restoring the original standard unit elements, and repair of damages relating to gaining access to the malfunctioning common elements. The EMO does not repair or restore any improvements or upgrades. It is strongly recommended that unit apartment holders and tenants insure the personal property within their units, as well as all the betterments/ upgrading.

Repair of Damage Caused by Malfunction of Holder's Property

The apartment holder whose unit is a source of damage to another unit is liable for all the damages. It is intimated that residents will cover all liabilities at their own cost to restore the original condition after damage in such occurrences.