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POSSESSION | Community Regulations

Activity affecting safety and peace of the premises
Residents/ guests of residents shall not engage in any activity, which unreasonably interferes with the safety and serenity of others. Without limiting the general application of the foregoing, the following rules apply:

  • Keep noise levels as low as possible and take care while using musical instruments, radio, television, and amplifiers or any such action which may disturb other occupant(s).
  • Ensure that you do not carry out any activity that causes or permits noxious fumes or odors to enter the hallways or any other unit.
  • Any conduct which increases the risk of fire or leaking/logging of water is prohibited.
  • Any verbal or physical conduct, which unreasonably intimidates another resident / person or adversely affects or threatens another’s safety, is prohibited.
  • Celebrations with colors, crackers, etc. during festivals such as Holi, Diwali, etc. or otherwise should not be practiced in the internal common areas or within the complex.

Damage to common areas or property of others
All defacing, breaking or destruction of any portion of a common area or of common property or equipment or of the unit or property of another is strictly prohibited. Damage to any portion of a common area, property of equipment, or of the unit or property of another resident and/or unit owner or unit owner’s lessee, whether deliberate or accidental, shall be repaired at the expense of the unit owner of the responsible unit.

Inconvenience to occupants staying on floors below you
The flooring, wall tiles, sanitary and plumbing fittings are already provided as per specification and therefore all the occupants are requested to retain the original fittings and flooring/ wall finishes, etc. However, if any occupant still wishes to change the sanitary fitting, wall tiles, flooring, etc., they may do so at their own risk. It is hereby intimated to all occupants that whoever gets any alterations done in the apartments ensuing in damage to the floor below, shall rectify all kinds of damages to other floors at their own cost.

Staircase/ Hallways/ Common area obstacles
Obstacles in Staircase /Hallways /Common Areas: Staircases/ hallways/ common areas must be kept free from all obstacles such as bicycles, tricycles, carriages, strollers, packages, door mats, overshoes, umbrellas etc. In compliance with the fire code, children’s toys, bicycles, etc., must not be left at the entrances to the building or in the hallways.

Pets are to be properly leashed when being taken out within the premises. The owners shall ensure that the pets are regularly vaccinated. Pets must not be allowed to defecate anywhere in the complex except designated places. In case they do so, residents are requested to pick-up and clean.

In order to maintain a high standard of appearance and design, all signages within the complex will be strictly controlled and regulated by Vatika Limited. No signage should be installed outside occupied space.

Traffic Regulations
Please observe traffic regulations by following the traffic and speed signage installed within the complex. Rash or negligent driving within the premises is strictly prohibited including honking & playing loud and boisterous music.

Drivers & domestic staff
Domestic staff including drivers should be discouraged from loitering in the premises/ common areas.