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Street Design

ROADS AND STREETS ARE really the arteries of any city; and in Vatika India Next, they have been planned and designed in great detail for usability and aesthetics. The city follows a system of tree-lined streets and parks around a central spine, connecting residential and commercial spaces to open green areas.

The carriageways have been designed by traffic planning experts keeping in view the foreseen increase in the number of vehicles. Similarly, streets have been planned with room for roadside parking to accommodate the growing trend in automobile ownership.

The design of the streets is very pedestrian-friendly, and sidewalks have been given as much attention as the carriageways. They are well linked to provide easy mobility for pedestrians, and ramps have been provided for the use of differently abled persons wherever there is a difference in levels.

Road junctions have been designed for minimal bottlenecks and for smooth traffic flow. Traffic calming measures like speed cushions and speed humps will be deployed wherever needed to ensure road safety.

Effective and energy-efficient street lighting will be used extensively in the city to keep the streets safe and well illuminated. A panel of experts is designing a system of street signage and way finding to ensure that finding one’s way in the 700 acre* city is easy.

Streets inside low-rise residential projects will be in the form of mews – with barriers to regulate entry and exit at both ends. This will create a secure, semi-private common area for the resident families, thereby fostering a feeling of community.