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Community Living

The idea of an integrated city is a new one in India, and Vatika India Next is one of the pioneers of the concept. Community living is an important component of this new lifestyle. It seeks to draw people out from their residential complexes into a larger notion of ‘community’.

The neighbourhood approach has the underlying assumption that development will be more holistic and with a strong social fabric when more people share a sense of belonging. Vatika India Next will bring about this integration through several means.

Shared activities like festivals celebrated with neighbours serve to bring residents together. INXT provides common areas that can become the venues for such interactions.

One way of promoting community living is shaded streets, neighbourhood parks and the pedestrian-friendly design of the city. These will encourage people to step out more from their homes and socialize with their neighbours. Local markets, too, will serve as focal points of social interactions, where residents can meet one another and establish stronger social ties.

A safe neighbourhood, with well-lit streets and secure common areas, also promotes social activity. The city’s residents will be more likely to go out and mingle because of the secure environment of Vatika INXT.