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ONE OF THE MOST STRIKING FEATURES about Vatika India Next is the abundance of greenery. It makes the city a very beautiful place to live in, and also gives it a healthy environment. Landscaping in the city is of international standards and has, in fact, been designed by firms of international renown.

Vatika INXT has a mix of high-rise complexes and low and mid-rise developments, with intervening stretches of parks and open green spaces. This makes for a very interesting landscape – dynamic and energetic, as well as open and picturesque.

There will be numerous parks, designed around the needs of different age groups. Children will find plenty of play areas with soft surfaces to protect them from injuries; just as there will be a number of parks and tracks for the adults. With broad, tree-shaded walkways, interesting green patches and conveniently spaced benches, the city will be a delight to walk and cycle around in.