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Future Ready

Vatika India Next has been planned as a dynamic city that will continue to show steady growth for years to come. As such, all key parameters of the city have allowances built in to accommodate this growth and to readily handle the increase in population, traffic, energy and water requirements, etc.

Streets have been designed with wide walkways and trees are planted in a way which makes ample provision for roadside parking, anticipating increased requirement of parking in the future.

The communication network being laid down in the city too has enough extra capacity built in to handle the increased demand once the city gets fully inhabited. The power distribution system too is similarly geared to accommodate a greater number of consumer households. A piped gas network is being laid in some areas, while other areas have provision for its inclusion in the future.

Several amenities essential for future habitation, such as educational institutions, neighbourhood retail establishments, clubs, small offices for doctors, beauty salons, boutiques, etc. have been planned. Locations for milk booths, taxi stands, banks etc have also been earmarked.