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Environment & Conservation

THE CREATION OF ECO-FRIENDLY communities with minimal environmental impact is a fundamental part of the Vatika Group’s philosophy. INXT is being developed along environment-friendly lines using energy-efficient technologies. There is a deliberate effort to apply these in as many aspects of the city as possible.

Rainwater is collected and used to recharge ground water to improve the water table in the region. A Dual Water Supply piping system is being installed so that recycled water can also be supplied for gardening, flushing etc. Water consumption will also be reduced, through the use of dual flushing toilets and urinals.

The city will have its own sewage treatment plant for effective solid waste management. INXT will have in place a detailed system for garbage handling – including collection, segregation to facilitate recycling and disposal.

The use of wood and timber in construction is being reduced wherever appropriate. Aluminum and uPVC are being used for doors and windows.

The HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) that will be used in INXT have been designed to maintain good quality of air at lower energy consumption levels. Also all the HVAC equipment will be CFC-free and will use refrigerants that have low ozone depletion qualities.

Apart from these, the technology horizon is scanned regularly to take advantage of emerging techniques and new materials in different areas of construction and maintenance.