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Engineering Services

VATIKA INDIA NEXT USES some of the latest engineering technologies available today. The emphasis is on using environment-friendly and energy-efficient technologies without compromising on performance and reliability.

The power distribution system is engineered to handle current as well as the increased electricity demand in the future. A thoughtfully designed modern system of underground power cables ensures that electricity wires do not clutter the skyline of the city and the distribution system is easy to maintain.

Power backup will be available for essential services as well as for apartments, shops and offices. Dual energy meters will be installed in homes, shops and offices to meter mains supply and backup supply.

To conserve natural resources, a dual water distribution system is being put in place. It will supply fresh water for regular use, and also recycled water for gardening and flushing etc. The HVAC systems installed in various commercial projects and residential complexes will be highly energy-efficient, able to maintain good quality of air at low energy consumption levels.

The drainage system of the city has been designed according to the local rainfall pattern. A combination of slopes and gradients will be used to channelise rainwater to recharge wells. There will be about 110 recharge wells in the city and they will together harvest a total of 1.5 MLD of water on a rainy day.

There is a comprehensive, well designed sewer network and, being a complete city, Vatika India Next will have its own sewage treatment plant.