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Retail | Town Square 2

Town Square 2 is an up-market retail cum commercial complex excellently located just 1 Km from NH8 within Gurgaon's new real estate hot spot, Vatika India Next. Town Square 2 will be buzzing retail and commercial hub that will attract thousands of residents of Vatika India Next, and residents staying in the vicinity. It is estimated that Town Square 2 will have a catchment population of 5 lakhs.

The project is a mix of low-rise retail outlets and high-rise commercial block interconnected by wide corridors. The tower will be visible from afar and will be a 'landmark' feature of Town Square 2.  The project is ideal for banking services, clinics, boutiques, gymnasiums, beauty salons, real estate services, travel companies and many other services that thousands of residents of a bustling township will need regularly.