Noida vs Gurgaon: Which Is a Better Real Estate Investment?

Posted on November 12, 2014 by

Delhi, the capital city, is facing a dearth of land for any property development, consequently people are moving towards the two NCR cities – Noida and Gurgaon. Both the cities are expanding and growing swiftly as various builders are coming up with some of the yielding projects. However, both the cities have their own set of potentials, it is important to know which one is better for the investment. Usually people say that location is only prime factor to look while choosing the place for investment, but considering the demand-supply and price points are as essential.

Noida Vs Gurgaon

Demand-Supply: Property for purchase in Gurgaon is available and so is in Noida, however checking the demand and supply of properties at both the places is equally important. Today, various builders are coming up with new projects like Vatika city homes in Gurgaon which will certainly increase the supply of property in comparison to the demand, therefore you can crack a good deal here.

Price: The rate of the property in both the cities vary. Prominently it depends upon the location of the city like Golf Course Road, and Sushant Lok is quite costly than other areas; similarly sector 15 A area of Noida is also costly.

Land Regulations: Investments become more easy when the land regulation of the city is trouble-free. There are loads of properties for sale in Gurgaon and buying them is very easy as land acquisition policy is more advanced; whereas Noida still has land acquisition problem. Also, Haryana government has recently passed the bill on land acquisition, which has made the process easy. On the other hand, Uttar Pradesh is still padding.

State-of-art Infrastructure: When we compare the infrastructure of the two cities, Gurgaon has a well planned and improved infrastructure. The city is well developed with loads of MNCs and offices. Besides commercial space, builders have brought several residential properties like Vatika city homes. Gurgaon also has better roads and traffic snarls.

Though both the cities are developing at a rapid speed, Gurgaon has developed systematically and is well planned. You can find best properties in the city with latest and modern amenities.

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