High-Rise Condos Sprout in Gurgaon

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The latest trend of property investment in Gurgaon is high rise condominiums or condos. A condominium is a building in which certain units of property, such as apartments or residences, are owned by individuals while common property parts like as playground, park or the building structure, are owned by the unit owners. There is a growing demand for sophisticated apartments and condos in Gurgaon.

Residential properties in Gurgaon

With rapid urbanization, the moneyed and elite class are getting attracted towards the western lifestyle, grandeur and style — be it in food, dress, or housing—the demand for super-luxury housing projects is mushrooming in the Millennium City. Biggies in the real estate market are developing residential condos

Advantages of owning a condominium

  • Low Price: You pay a monthly rent as mortgage to own the condo. It is less than your monthly housing costs, and other related costs.
  • No exterior work: You are not the owner of the public properties, like as the park, pool or lawn, and hence you are not entitled to do any kind of maintenance or exterior work. Someone else will take care of it.
  • Amenities: Many condos come with a host of amenities like as a gym, swimming pool, sauna, tennis/badminton courts, kids’ playground, clubs, community hall etc.
  • Renovate as per your requirement: When you own a condo, you have every right to change the look of your apartment or renovate it as per your wish. You can change everything within the space that you are owner of.
  • Community living: You enjoy a close-knit environment with fun, engagement and socialization, without disturbing your private space.
  • Location: Most condos in Gurgaon are located in the heart of the city as a result of which you enjoy all the benefits of a city life and you are well connected to other parts of the city. In fact, many developers offer office space for rent in Gurgaon, within the vicinity of the condominium.
  • 24 hours security: Living in a condominium provides 24 hours security so that you and your family live with a peace of mind.

VatikaINXT – High Rise & Condos

If you are really thinking of investing in property in Gurgaon, then go for Vatika INXT – High Rise & Condos. Vatika INXT has come up with seven high rise condominium projects in the city that will surely give you a complete sense of luxury and comfortable living. And if you are an entrepreneur looking for Office Space Gurgaon, Vatika INXT s condos can be converted into well furnished office space as well. This is the right time to invest in property as you have wide options to choose from for a perfect fit for your family.

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