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A Smart Choice Is to Invest Vatika’s Residential Project in Gurgaon

Posted on June 30, 2016 by

More investors are keen to invest in new projects in Gurgaon rather than any other location in Delhi or NCR belt. Going by the past year, it is researched that Gurgaon has recorded a property price appreciation of 66 per cent on an average. While in comparison the property prices of Greater Noida has increased by 21 per cent by industry experts.

New projects in gurgaon, Residential projects in Gurgaon

Dwarka Expressway is the new address for commercial and residential projects in Gurgaon. Vatika INXT an initiative by Vatika Group is an integrated township residential cum commercial space spread across 700 acres of land in close proximity of Dwarka Expressway is one of the top commercial and residential projects in Gurgaon for investors. This township is also equivalently best for buyers who are looking for an immediate property to shift in. This project is currently in ready-to-move-in phase, thus offering better options to buyers in the real estate market of Gurgaon.
This township spread across massive 700 acres in Gurgaon is designed around the characteristics of a well developed modern city. Features like – wide roads, planned sewerage and drainage, uninterrupted electricity and water supply, innovative and hygienic sanitation solutions, clean and clear environment as well as the area, advanced social infrastructure which includes schools, colleges, shopping complexes, hospitals, banks, eateries and entertainment hubs. The plan of the township included these features as major necessity for buyers. Hence, everything is provided and maintained within the diameter of the township.
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Vatika INXT is Beats All New Residential Projects in Gurgaon with Its Infrastructure

Posted on May 17, 2016 by

Tranquil heights are one such project by Vatika Group in Gurgaon that lives up to the definition of big. Vatika Group is a full-fledged real estate group that has already marked the achievement of many successful projects in and around Delhi NCR. From duplexes, to luxurious condominiums, the firm has worked in every sphere of residential projects and aims at achieving standards that will satisfy the customers.
This is probably the best among new residential projects in Gurgaon. The project offers a home probably even a city which you have visualized in dreams has ultimately taken the form of reality. If you hard for you to believe then come and visit Vatika INXT today and enjoy the serenity of the project. If you aspire to reside in a neighbourhood where you can experience being close to nature without giving up your urban comforts, a residence which is encircled with an assortment of water bodies, then Vatika Tranquil Heights is certainly the address which you are looking for. 

tranquil heights vatika gurgaon, New residential projects in gurgaon

  • The spacious, well designed apartments are set amidst crafted landscape, designed by a team of architects of international renown.
  • To maximize the feeling of openness, almost 80% of the site is dedicated to open spaces.
  • Each 2, 3 and 4 BHK apartments are installed with energy efficient VRV air conditioning.
  • Meditation Centre, sports centre, gym, banquet hall, concierge service and business centre.
  • High speed elevators, multi level parking.

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Vatika India Next Offers Best to Buy Top Property in Gurgaon

Posted on April 8, 2016 by

Nestled amidst natural greenery and supported by a wide array of modern amenities and facilities, Vatika is meant for peace of mind. It is township of best in class residential apartments and stands out in Gurgaon for convenience, connectivity and comfort. This township provides exquisite residential floors – INXT Floors, Premium Floors and Emilia, Iris& Primrose Floors.

Buy top property in Gurgaon, Retail space in Gurgaon

The project offers well designed and built a 3/4Bedroom apartment which has been structured in such a way that it boasts abundance of natural light and fresh air.

Vatika India Next offers best to buy top property in Gurgaon. This township brings a large number of options for the buyers who prefer independent apartments that the condominium lifestyle. Universally known as builder floors, these independent floors by Vatika Group are undoubtedly the best to buy property in Gurgaon. These floors are spread across various projects in Sectors 82, 82A and 83 in Gurgaon. Also these are available in several different sizes and layout configurations. Located on well-designed roads with trees and footpaths, Vatika floors have reserved parking spaces too. These are best suitable for buyers who are looking for ready-to-move-in based investment rather than a time based investment. Best located and facilitated for professionals who are shifting to Gurgaon for career prospects from all other parts of the country.

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Things to keep in mind while deciding interior for 2 BHK flats in Gurgaon

Posted on March 18, 2016 by

Living in 2 BHK flats in Gurgaon is ideal for couples and small families alike. As one of the most common types of homes or apartments available, two bedroom spaces give just enough space for efficiency yet offer more comfort than a smaller one bedroom or studio. 
Having a medium sized flat can be a drag when it comes to implementing the desired interior design idea. Here is an example of a two-room apartment which is both very aesthetic and functional. So how did they do it?

2 bhk flats in Gurgaon<br />
Residential property Gurgaon
Personalize your space- No one can stylize your home that will reflect the real you than you yourself. In Spite, let its main essence be you and all that you like. So, sit calm and relax and ask yourself what colors sooth and inspire you? What shades brighten up your mood? What home accessories instantly draw your attention?
“Classics” is always in – It’s ageless to make your home look classy and timeless. Use elements like antique furniture, prints and fabrics as a concept for your theme. You can make it trendy with personalized items and showpieces to add a story.
Less is more – Avoid overcrowding your home space. You might have a number of things to flaunt, but do not do it all at once. Keep it simple and clean.
Multipurpose Furniture – If you’re short on space, purchase multipurpose furniture pieces.
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Vatika INXT best residential property to buy in Gurgaon

Posted on January 16, 2016 by

The Vatika Group is one of the leading names in the real estate industry of Gurgaon. They have launched with some of finest residential property in Gurgaon. The group has carves out these best to buy property in Gurgaon in an effort to make lives of the people much easier and filled with best luxuries to enjoy a better lifestyle. The Vatika Group recently completed one of their new residential property in Gurgaon named as the Vatika INXT a integrated township.
The Vatika INXT Township is located at Sectors 82, 82A, 83, 84 and 85 spread across 700 acres, which is foreseen as the most preferred locations of the city. Located near the Dwarka Expressway, the project will be having numerous location advantages like proximity to the IGI Airport and also this new developing belt is within reach to decent malls, professional medical organizations and educational institutions which are very important for day to day necessities. These factors are surely going to focus towards a quality price and worthy price appreciation. On the other hand, the residential property falling within this region in Gurgaon can also be stated as the best podium for the investment purpose.

Residential property Gurgaon buy property in Gurgaon
This fast developing realty region is best when you want to buy property in Gurgaon with the motive to invest. Then the upcoming properties in Dwarka Expressway are perfect for people who have plans to invest in a property for the long run of 3 to 5 years plan. The most impactful factor about the Dwarka Expressway advantages is that it is well connected with some of the fascinating and new developing sectors. This segment is also known as northern peripheral expressway and there are some reliable areas, which can be connected through this path.
Therefore, you can be rest assured that this area will be offering you with the best options in the zone of real estate values. 

Gurgaon 21 – best residential real estate property in Gurgaon at Sector 82 & 83

Posted on December 14, 2015 by

Gurgaon is a noteworthy city of the Indian State of Haryana. Furthermore this satellite city also serves as the headquarters of Gurgaon region. Situated in south of Delhi, this fast developing city is a part of the National Capital Region. The closeness of the city to Delhi has impelled a great deal of construction activity by a few top leading Indian development construction companies.
Best residential property in Gurgaon Real estate gurgaon sector 82

Gurgaon offers a large number of options for those looking to own a home. But very few residential projects stand out due to their exceptional values. Vatika Group presents best residential property in Gurgaon- Vatika INXT. This township is located in real estate property in Gurgaon Sector 82 and 83; this township is an ideal blend of contemporary architecture & aesthetics; of intelligent planning and a design that invokes a sense of community. Spread across over 20 acres in Sector-83, in close proximity of Dwarka Expressway. Vatika INXT has excellent connectivity to prime locations of Gurgaon and Delhi offering easy access to everything that you may need. In a nutshell, Vatika INXT – Gurgaon 21 high rise condos offers a lot more than just a perfect ambience and aura, Vatika INXT offers a great value for your money. Gurgaon 21 blends the dynamism of a cosmopolitan way of life with the tranquility of a very much arranged, premium neighborhood.
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‘Smart Cities’ – new destination for residential projects in Gurgaon

Posted on November 27, 2015 by

The concept of ‘Smart cities’ is seen inevitable throughout the various parts of the world. Smart cities are the cities that are self- sufficient, which are home to every aspect of life from comfortable homes to global companies and organizations. It is a new innovative concept when it comes to building the cities of the future. So, what is a Smart city and do we really need it today?
Ou Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi explains a smart city as “A city which is two steps ahead of its citizen’s needs is a smart city”. It is that level of sustainable development which meets the need of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet there own needs. Gurgaon is one such fast growing smart cities, it is well equipped with all digital technologies or information and communication technologies to enhance the quality and performance of the urban city to reduce costs and resource consumption to engage more effectively and actively with its inhabitants. These facilities benefit every sector including the people, business, government and the environment.
Residential projects in Gurgaon New residential projects in Gurgaon

Urbanization, Economic growth and environmental changes are the major factors that necessitate the existence of the smart cities. With the ever growing global population more and more people are shifting to satellite cities. This has lead to increased interest in new residential projects in Gurgaon. Therefore, there has been a pressing need for Gurgaon to get smarter large-scale residential projects in Gurgaon.
These new residential projects in Gurgaon are developed to serve better quality of urban life by providing clean and sustainable environment with uninterrupted water and power supply. Fully treated sanitation and solid waste management, effective connectivity and transportation, affordable housing for all and easy access to the IT hub of Gurgaon are essential features of the project. Vatika INXT is a township that is being designed with consideration focused on basic infrastructure services that includes water supply, transport, sewerage and conservation of environment with dedicated parks and open spaces for elders and children.

Are you a first time home buyer – looking for residential property in Gurgaon

Posted on October 3, 2015 by

If you’re looking to buy your very first home there’s a lot that is going on your mind and thoughts. The factors you should be considering about are actually going to impact your decision.
Major factors that need to be researched on are location, price, amenities, changing needs, reading the market, and the question of buying or renting new or renovated.

Residential Property in Gurgaon, Commercial Office Space for Rent
Some of the best residential property in Gurgaon is so fabulous that you fall in love with a property, Vatika INXT being one of them. Therefore, when you are stuck at one property, it’s the right time to stop and think about these bigger picture questions.
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Vatika INXT A Promising Real Estate Destination

Posted on September 11, 2015 by

If we look back 25 years, Gurgaon has made a commendable progress in the real estate sector.  Not only development but it has emerged as one of the most favorites amongst the Real Estate Investors in Delhi NCR. If you compare Gurgaon to Faridabad, Noida, Ghaziabad, and other cities surrounding the national capital, Gurgaon comes out with better returns and better opportunities for those who are seeking for new residential projects in Gurgaon. Gurgaon tops due to its excellent connectivity by road and metro, presence of top-notch IT companies, world-class facilities, commercial spaces and many more such factors make Gurgaon top as the booming Real Estate Destination in Gurgaon.

Vatika INXT A Promising Real Estate Destination

Few reasons to be mentioned:

  • Gurgaon has excellent connectivity. Metro connectivity is the main reason to boost the real estate opportunity of this city. For homebuyers and investors it is a major factor that attracts.
  • Global companies consider Gurgaon suitable for their major offices as it is a outsourcing hub, because of which there are large number of multinational companies.
  • Every month people come from different states of India to work in Gurgaon as it houses the leading MNCs, KPOs, and BPOs Company.
  • Gurgaon is also the next shopper’s hub with its high-class malls and restaurants after Delhi.
  • Business schools and prominent educational institutes.
  • Best Medicare and Healthcare facilities.
  • Gurgaon has 18 golf courses, Mecca for golf-lovers.

With Gurgaon developing at this rate and innovation experts in real estate experts claim this very highly for this city’s real estate potential. The coming years seems to be welcoming more potential apartments, plots or flats in Gurgaon. Making property in Gurgaon reliable and futuristic investment.

You deserve more than just a concrete jungle…!!!

Posted on August 17, 2015 by

Wish for a life, where the grass will always be greener on your side…
If you are looking to buy a home and have been out on site-visit agendas by now, you must be aware of typical construction sites. Currently it is witnessed how massive structures erupted out of concrete jungles are the new favorite for most developers. But such apartments are highly prone to attracting heat waves and are not safe for a healthy lifestyle. Only if you enjoy the Middle East weather, such homes might come across as appealing to you. But unlikely, they might leave you with an uncomfortable experience.

Number of researches have also indicated that how life gets better nurturing when it stays close to nature. Access to natural and greener environment leads to healthier lifestyles in an individual. How about if you imagine yourself living a comfortable life weaved amidst lush greenery. You wake up to a cool and calm ambience, treated by gifts of nature through your window. When you walk inside the premises and get mesmerised by the green landscape be-jeweled by the mystical waterfalls. Isn’t this an ideal life to desire out for?


Well, this perfect life is not a piece of fantasy but a part of reality. As the celebrated Vatika Group presents one of it’s most exquisite projects, Vatika INXT a residential property in Gurgaon. Here, be assured the grass will always be greener on your side! Vatika Lifestyle Homes are conceptualized to nourish and nurture all its residents with ideal living conditions and stands tall amid an alluring expanse of maximum percentage of green landscaping. Spread over  700 acre of tranquil spaces. Located at the intersection of NH8 and Dwarka Expressway, INXT enjoys an enviable location and excellent connectivity. Vatika India Next Gurgaon offers  villas, floors, plots or high rise condos, all ranging from 1-4BHK’s to penthouses with all the facilities of kids play area, sports activity area, all purpose hall/ club house, green bands and lawns, etc. to be provided at a stone throw away.

Very few residential properties in Gurgaon impress you to such an extent.
What are you waiting for? Go for the site visit today!