Best Commercial Space For Rent in Gurgaon – Town Square Vatika INXT

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The commercial plan of Vatika INXT throws a grand spread of complexes to choose from. City Centre, town Square, Town Square 2, One India Next and Market Place are the hub of entertainment and necessities of INXT Township.

Town Square is one such space in the township which boasts world-class facilities for residents of this township. It is a complex dedicated to shopping and entertainment for the residents and people stayng nearby the township.

Best Commercial Space For Rent in Gurgaon - Town Square Vatika INXT

This space will be having HDFC bank, Mother Dairy outlets and Safal for your daily vegetable and kitchen items. Other than this Needs Gourmet and Coriander Leaf have also decided to join Town Square for providing better utilities to the residents of this township.

Another advantage that Town Square has is the location. It is going to draw more crowd because it is located in about 500 meters from NH8 making it easily accessible in Gurgaon from different locations as well.

Town Square promises to be a hot spot amongst the commercial hubs in Gurgaon. This space will be serving to at least 5 lakh residents staying in the development and outside the development. This complex can accommodate maximum of 400 cars at a time.

Town Square offers 9,500 sq. m. for retail space that is built on three separate blocks including a Ground and two floors above all in a mixed structure compiled in 14 storey block. Vatika INXT takes it as pride to host best of commercial property for rent in Gurgaon. Getting hold of a complex with best amenities and space is not so easy with so many under construction properties; this is so far the best commercial space for rent or purchase. Vatika INXT is an achievement by the acclaimed Vatika Group of developers in Gurgaon – NCR.

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